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We've been fortunate to collaborate with Sprite for the "Thirst of the Boroughs" campaign, which honors the culture of fashion and music in each of the 5 boroughs.  As many of you know, growing up in Queens, New York is one of the biggest influences behind the mood and aesthetic of Moss, so we're stoked to represent our home borough on such a cool platform.  Below is the written portion of our feature by Jason Weintraub. Visit sprite.com for more info about how you can show your support Moss and Queens, and don't forget to vote by tweeting with the hash tag "thirst4qns."

A proud and diverse set of cultures is what really makes Queens the borough it is today. With so many different people and styles, how can one clothing company represent such an eclectic borough? While the task may not ever be achievable, Moss Clothing is definitely a front-runner for getting the job done.

“Queens is the most ethnically diverse region in the world so growing up I was exposed to many cultures and styles,” says Shahed Serajuddin. “You could be in an Indian, Turkish, and Korean neighborhood at the same time and they were always proud to showcase their culture.” Now, the Moss Clothing founder is on a journey to show that inspiration all over the world.

To reflect the borough’s abundance of influences, Moss provides many patterns and colors, making it nearly impossible for its customers not to find something matching their distinct taste. Vibrant and loud or soft and traditional, Moss, like Queens, is packed with eccentricity and culture. “It’s exciting for me to see our product in a different setting and see how [our customers] integrate the style in their own unique way,” Shahed says. “I want our customer to be someone who wants to make a statement and be proud of what they wear. It’s about individualism and influence of your surroundings.”

Over the past couple years, Moss has consistently grown and, today, continues to shine as a unique style of clothing that almost anyone can find intriguing. “I think Queens embodies the phrase ‘Obey Your Thirst’ more than any other borough,” says Shahed. “Nobody dictated our style. Our style comes from who we are and where we’re from. We feel the need to take it upon ourselves to share that to the world and that’s what makes us special.”

Continuing, he says “Queens embodies that New York dream. If you can make it in Queens by sticking to your roots, you can make it anywhere. That’s the message I want to broadcast to the rest of the world [about] what makes Queens special.”


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